Empress Chaekyung


Chae Kyung Shin



Royal Title:

Sejabin (past)
Empress (Future)


Younger Brother
Crown Princess


Lee Shin

Shin Chae-Gyung is a very creative and outgoing, normal high school girl. She attends the same school as Lee Shin, the Crown Prince of Korea. Her grandfather was best friends with the previous King. To honor his friend, the previous King dictated that Chae-Gyung is to become the Crown Princess, which means that she is to marry whoever is the Crown Prince at the time of the marriage (Lee Shin) . Although she often seems immature and irritating, she is a kindhearted, innocent, honest person. Chae-Gyung marries the prince because of the promise made between her grandfather and Shin's. Her initial reaction to Lee Shin is one of irritation but she falls in love with him in the earlier part of the series, not knowing that he, in return, feels the same way. Although she regards Lee Yul only as a friend and cousin-in-law, he falls in love with her. And with the help of Queen (even though she doesn't want to), Yul manages to make the royal couple divorce after the relationship between Shin and Chae-Gyung is good.

She is portrayed by Yoon Eunhye in the 2006 South Korean TV series.

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