Lee Yul Shin's cousin. He returns from a long stay in England with his mother, the widow of the former crown prince. His kindhearted personality, charisma and good looks make him an instant hit with the girls but hides his twisted and manipulative true nature. He falls in love with Chae-Gyung and becomes her confidon all the while attempting to drive Shin and her apart. Although the position of the Crown Prince originally belonged to him, it was given to his cousin when Yul's father died and his mother was found to have had an affair with his uncle, Shin's father, who she was originally in love with, but she decides to marry his brother, the crown prince, wanting her son to inherit the title of crown prince. Being born as the crown prince he has a prideful and arrogant demeanor and has great contempt for Shin and his parents for taking what he considers his god given right. Originally uninterested in the throne, Yul decides to follow his mother's wishes and compete with Shin for the throne after falling in love with Chae-Gyung and resorts to underhanded tactics to obtain both.

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